Metal Building Components Based in Livermore, CA

At Four Star Erectors, Inc., our passion for metal construction runs deep. We’re ready and waiting to build the structure you’ve always wanted, no matter its complexities or the nuances of its design—from office buildings to art installations. We proudly offer steel erector services, as well as components of steel for developers to use in their projects.

Building Components

Metal Building Components

Our blend of expertise and specialized equipment is unmatched in our field. As a result, we can tackle much more than structural steel framing and building. We also offer metal building components for property owners planning everything from a small patch job all the way up to a major retrofit. This includes everything from stairs and handrails to steel façade components.

Seismic Retrofiting

Seismic Retrofits

Livermore, CA and northern California are home to regular seismic activity, which means buildings need to be reinforced and equipped with withstand moving tectonic plates and the tremors that come with them. We provide metal components and structural steel products for seismic retrofits, as well as the services to install them.

Pixel Art

Art Installations

If you’re planning a large-scale art installation for permanent or semi-permanent display, steel is an ideal medium. Whether your finished statement piece is one whole feature or a multi-part ensemble that requires on-site construction, turn to us for help installing it. We partner with many local artists to ensure their commissions are secure when displayed publicly, assembled in the original vision for their excellence.

Your Metal Service Provider

The innate versatility of metal makes it ideal for achieving feats of art and architecture beyond the ordinary. To bring them to life takes a steel erector that’s capable of extraordinary service. Four Star Erectors, Inc. is ready to handle projects big and small throughout Livermore, CA and northern California.

Our talented team can supply you with components of steel for your upcoming project, or coordinate with you about an upcoming art exhibition. Schedule service by calling us at 925-371-0619 to learn more.

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