Architectural Glass Based in Livermore, CA

When constructing or remodeling a building based in Livermore, CA and northern California, several considerations come into play. Ultimately, you want to ensure that the result is cost-effective, functional and beautiful in equal measure. That’s where we come in. Four Star Erectors, Inc. proudly provides comprehensive architectural metal and glass glazing services to clients throughout the region.

Arch Metals

Architectural Metals

Add a splash of flair to your building’s exterior with a selection of hand-wrought architectural metal. We can work alongside you to construct handrails or sign frames that catch the eye, strengthen your brand and boost foot traffic. The sky’s the limit when you enlist the help of our highly-skilled team to imbue your building with architectural metal that are supportive, resilient and appealing.


Architectural Glass Glazing

Throughout the extended area, homeowners and business owners looking to cut costs and curtail their carbon footprint will find the solution in glass glazing. When you have your architectural glass glazed, you increase the energy efficiency of your building with each added pane. This step lowers your monthly energy costs and reduces your strain on the grid. That’s good news for both your comfort and your pocketbook.

Structure Glazed Wall

Structural Glazing

Pick your protection with our structural glazing services. When you want a minimalist, modern look for your office, structural glazing is the solution. A professional glazer can craft a clean façade for your building that also serves as a deterrent to harmful UV rays. Choose between several options to determine the perfect balance between your energy needs and your budget.

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More than 20 years after we opened, Four Star Erectors, Inc. continues to offer top-notch architectural metal and glass glazing services to clients throughout the Livermore, CA, and northern California areals. We have a diverse array of experience; there’s nothing we can’t accomplish. All it takes is a phone call to 925-371-0619 to get the ball rolling on your project, whether for efficiency or aesthetics.

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